Mediterranean Diet : 21 Days of Menus

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To live longer and healthier! Recognized by UNESCO as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity", the Mediterranean diet is for anyone wanting to adopt a healthy way of eating that includes reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and helping to control weight. This guide is designed to help you: Discover the secret to longevity and the remarkable quality of life of the Mediterranean population ; Improve your health, reduce the risk of disease and increase your longevity ; Follow simple recommendations for a healthy, balanced diet ; Plan your meals and snacks with varied daily menus Discover recipes that are tasty, simple and quick to prepare: Anise Rice Pudding, Banana, Date and Hazelnut Bread, Minestrone, Sautéed Calamari and Shrimp, Crispy Turbot Fillets, Moussaka, Spicy Chicken and Fig Couscous Salad, Veal Chili with Cumin, Baked Grapefruit, Strawberry Mousse . . . and take a bite out of life! Make your diet your partner in health!

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